Commercial use Of Stabilizer

Servo  stabilizer is used to compensate for voltage fluctuations in mains power. Large regulators may be permanently installed on distribution lines. Small portable regulators may be plugged in between sensitive equipment and a wall outlet. Automatic voltage regulators are used on generator sets on ships, in emergency power supplies, on oil rigs, etc. to stabilize fluctuations in power demand. For example, when a large machine is turned on, the demand for power is suddenly a lot higher. The voltage regulator compensates for the change in load. Commercial voltage regulators normally operate on a range of voltages, for example 150–240 V or 90–280 V. Servo stabilizers are also manufactured and used widely in spite of the fact that they are obsolete and use out-dated technology.
Voltage regulators are used in devices like air conditioners, refrigerators, televisions etc. in order to protect them from fluctuating input voltage. The major problem faced is the use of relays in voltage regulators. Relays create sparks which result in faults in the product.
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