Servo Stabilizer not only protects the electrical equipment but also is a good energy saver

Servo Stabilizers
Owing to the widespread electric fluctuations in India, all industries require stabilizers to stabilize the variation in current to prevent any damages to expensive equipments. Servo stabilizers are widely used in India as they come equipped with advanced electronically controlled servo motor concept that controls a motorized transformer.

Servo Stabilizer is mainly used in equipments that require high-energy consumption because it not only stabilizes voltage and protects the electrical equipment but also is a good energy saver.

Servo Stabilizer

1)Important factors to consider:
It is very crucial to understand various factors which affect the operation of electrical appliances and equipments as some of the major enemies for expensive electrical equipments is voltage fluctuation and phase unbalancing.Since every industry has its own requirements of power supply, it is important to understand your need before investing in this device. Servo Voltage Stabilizers are tailor made equipment and are usually customized as per actual voltage requirement of customer. For this, the actual voltage requirement and fluctuations must be analyzed before buying a Servo stabilizer.

Stabilized electrical input to the machines helps to increase the efficiency of machines as well as improvement in the quality of the final product. High and low voltages cut off with overload protection are generally available in Servo Voltage Stabilizer but the best stabilizers must be equipped with features such as an inbuilt by pass system, surge & spike suppressor, single phase prevention and phase reversal, high/ low cut off, auto resumption and trip and alarm for abnormalities.

3)Energy and money saver:
Apart from the above, Servo stabilizers serve as a viable means to reduce bills too. The overall balancing of voltage loads also protects the equipment ensuring a long life for an industry dependent on electrical energy for its functioning.

In other words, servo stabilizers act as a shield to costly electrical equipments and by extension to the entire organization as they are used in industrial as well as domestic application.


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