Study on Servo Stabilizer

India is undergoing a shift from a developing economy to a developed economy. Generally any advanced economies concentrate on industrial and service sector. In India the service sector shows a consistent and satisfactory growth than the industrial sector hence more attention must be given to industrial sector. India aims to achieve a targeted ten percent  GDP growth rate and it’s GDP for 2007–2008 is estimated at nine percent. To reach the target it is necessary to overcome the constraints in three areas namely, agricultural sector, the small and medium enterprises and the infrastructure sector. In advanced economies like Japan and USA, SSI plays an important role. In thickly populated country like India whose  population is 1.07 billion SSI plays a major role in relative terms of employment, exports and GDP. This present study covers the Servo  Stabilizer Industrial sector, where most of the units are SSI units. The main aim of the study is to understand the business profile of the SSI units in this business and the industry profile of this sector. The findings of this study, stands as an example of how practical realities lay for SSI units in the Indian Industrial scenario.


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